KoolGrid - Powerful PHP Grid


July 30, 2014: Version
- Add public method RenderExport() for use in exporting.
- Bug fixes.
May 22, 2014: Version
- Javascript bug fixes.
Feb 25, 2014: Version
- Allow changing displayed data by user-defined functions. Documentation | Example
Jan 10, 2014: Version
- Upgrade Excel library for Exporing to Excel.
Nov 20, 2013: Version
- Enhance DataSource to avoid wrong data replacement when there are fields with same prefix. For example "@user" and "@userName"
- Fix the data exporting issue when filtering is applied.
- Release AdvancedMSSQLDataSource.php
- Release AdvancedSQLSVRDataSource.php
- Release AdvancedPDODataSource.php
- Release AdvancedMySQLiDataSource.php
- Release AdvancedPostgreSQLDataSource.php
- Release AdvancedOracleDataSource.php
March 29, 2013: Version
- Enhance KoolGrid to support null date.
Sept 25, 2012: Version
- Fix client-side getDetailTables() function.
- New datasource: AdvancedMySQLDataSource
- Fix the issue with AllowSorting in GridCustomColumn
May 23, 2012: Version
- Create AdvancedArrayDataSource
- Improve the OracleDataSource
- Create the FirebirdDataSource
- Improve the MySQLiDataSource
- Improve the ODBCDataSource
- Improve the MSSQLDataSource
Apr 16, 2012: Version
- Fix issue of exporting UTF-8 data to PDF
- Fix HugeMySQLDataSource filtering issue
- Fix client-side issue with Mootools
- Enhance the InfoTemplate of Grouping to show format of data item.
- New property GridColumn::Group
- New property GridColumn::GroupSettings
- The client-side and server-side events of Grouping now are working
- New property KoolGrid::KeepGridRefresh
- New method DataSource::GetError()
- New method DataSource::SetCharSet()
- New property GridTableView::Name
- KoolGrid now is able to sort single column with new propery GridTableView::SingleColumnSorting
- New feature: Virtual Scrolling; user now can do paging faster with scrolling
- New feature: Frozen Columns; KoolGrid can keep important columns stay still while grid is scrolled horizontally.
- Fix GridCustomPager "$end" expected error.
- New feature: KoolGrid now can show which columns are sortable
- New styles: Two new styles are added "SunSet" and "Office2010Blue". Check them out!
March 15, 2012: Version
- Solve the 'deprecated' issue of Excel Export library and PDF Export library
- Fix wrong paging in detail grid.
- Improve the HugeMySQLDataSource to work with complex sql statement
- Add new propery GridColumn::DataFieldPrefix
- New property: GridCustomColumn::EditItemTemplate
Jan 15, 2012: Version
- Make grid able to hide when performing editing or inserting.
- Fix the openning issue with KoolCalendar
- Fix the aggregate issue in HugeMySQLDataSource
- New property Pager::Position
- New property FunctionPanel::Position
- Fix the client-side grouping function
- Fix cropping issue when KoolDateTimePicker open in scrolling mode of grid.
Dec 04, 2010: Version
- New property Grid::KeepRowStateOnRefresh
- New property GridTableView::KeepRowStateOnRefresh
- New property GridColumn::DefaultValue
- Enhance grid validation process
- New class: GridValidation
- Now KoolGrid support data check and modify before updating or inserting to database.
- New property GridColumn::NullDisplayText
Aug 25, 2010: Version
- New function GridRow::GetUniqueID()
- New function GridTableView::GetUniqueID()
- New function GridColumn::GetUniqueID()
- Fix the issue of AllowHtmlRender in GridBoundColumn
- Adding new datasource extensions: HugeMySQLDataSource, MSSQLDataSource, PostgreSLDataSource
May 15, 2010: Version
- New function GridRow::GetTableView()
- New function GridTableView::GetParentRow()
- New client-side event: OnStartInsert and OnBeforeStartInsert
- New client-side event: ConfirmInsert and OnBeforeConfirmInsert
- New client-side event: OnCancelInsert and OnBeforeCancelInsert
- New property: GridBoundColumn::AllowHtmlRender
- New property: GridTextAreaColumn::AllowHtmlRender
- New column type now can be created by extending from the GridColumn class.
February 28, 2010: Version
- KoolGrid now allows multiple column sorting.
- KoolGrid now is able to group data.
- KoolGrid now is able to export data
- KoolGrid now is able to insert multiple SQL Statements to UpdateCommand, DeleteCommand and InsertCommand.
- New change in the way that GridCustomPager works.
- Able to catch and handle server-side event.
- Fix the issue related to grid's width in percent.
- New class: GridEventHandler
- New class: GroupPanel
- New class: GridGroup
- New class: ExportSettings
- New property: KoolGrid::EventHandler
- New properties: GridTableView::ParentRow, GridTableView::Grid
- New property: GroupPanel::PanelCssClass
- New property: GroupPanel::ItemCssClass
- New property: GroupPanel::ItemConnector
- New property: GridRow::TableView
- New property: GridColumn::TableView
- New property: GridColumn::CssClass
- New property: GridRow::CssClass
- New property: ExportSettings::IgnorePaging
- New property: ExportSettings::FileName
- New method: GridTableView::AddGroup()
- New method: GridTableView::ExportToCSV()
- New method: GridTableView::ExportToExcel()
- New method: GridTableView::ExportToWord()
- New method: GridTableView::ExportToPDF()
- New method: KoolGrid::Refresh()
- New method: GridTableView::Refresh()
January 15, 2010: Version
- Client-side GridTableView has new function: refresh()
- Client-side GridTableView has new function: getPageIndex()
- Fix GridImageColumn issue: Not able to set ImageFolder.
- Fix the issue of GridBooleanColumn.
- Complete new feature: GridTemplate.
- New class at client-side GridCell.
December 17, 2009: Version
- GridCommandColumn: Now the CommandText and OnClick accept template value.
- Allow to set filter onload.
- Remove all the warning notices.
- Enhance MySQLDatasource in inserting data.
- Fix the displaying issue of GridBooleanColumn
- Add new properties to GridBooleanColumn: FalseText, TrueText, UseCheckBox
- Make data not persistent in session.
- Use KoolDateTimePicker in GridDateTimeColumn
October 08, 2009: Version
- Fix issue related to space in DataKeyFields
- Change $Height property of GridTextAreaColumn to $BoxHeight
- Add new property and new feature: $KeepViewStateInSession
September 24, 2009: Version
- Enhance inserting functionality in subtables.
- Remove message warning caused by grid.
- Fix rendering issue of GridBooleanColumn
- Add GridCaculatedColumn
- New feature: Footer Aggregation.
- New property: CharSet
September 05, 2009: Version
- Add GridCurrencyColumn class
- Add GridNumberColumn class
- Add validation feature.
- Add function GridColumn::AddValidator()
- Add RequiredFieldValidator class
- Add RangeValidator class
- Add RegularExpressionValidator class
- Add CustomValidator class
- Show validation in both editing form and inserting form.
- Fix issue of column's visibility settings in IE8
- Adding Style::Valign property
- Adding GridTableView::ColumnValign property
- Adding KoolGrid::ColumnValign property
- Enhance default and outlook style.
August 30, 2009: Version
- Enhance GridDropDownColumn
- Add new column: GridTextAreaColumn
- Add new property: DisableAutoGenerateDataFields.
- Enhance outlook style.
August 24, 2009: Version
- Complete filtering feature
- Enhance issue of editing input box.
- Enhance CSS for KoolGrid.
August 20, 2009: Version
- First version released.