KoolChart - Excellent PHP Chart
KoolChart is a powerful PHP charting and graphing control which allows you to visualize your financial, scientific, engineering, business or any kind of relevant data in a stunning data-driven graph. Equipped with very strong client-side rendering engine, KoolChart shows a remarkable performance and quality images across browsers.
Key Features:
  • Using SVG standard for high quality vector image.
  • Support old browsers with limited capability.
  • High interface-customizability.
  • Smooth animated transitions
  • Support user-interactivity
  • Support all major charting: Line, Bar,Column, Pie and many more..
  • Continously developed and supported.
  • Easy-to use, with support of Code Generator
  • Step by step guides

        //Step 1: Register KoolChart component to your page
        require "KoolControls/KoolChart/koolchart.php";
        //Step 2: Create chart object.
        $chart = new KoolChart("chart");
        //Step 3: Set properties for chart: title, legend, axis
        $chart->Title->Text = "Sale report for 2012";
        $chart->PlotArea->XAxis->Title = "Quarter";
        $chart->PlotArea->YAxis->Title = "Sales";
        $chart->PlotArea->YAxis->LabelsAppearance->DataFormatString = "$ {0}";
        //Step 4: Adding series
        $chart->PlotArea->AddSeries(new ColumnSeries("Computer",array(20,30,40,70,50)));
        $chart->PlotArea->AddSeries(new ColumnSeries("Laptop",array(40,50,10,30,60)));
            <!-- Step 5: Render koolchart -->
            <?php echo $chart->Render();?>