KoolImageView - PHP Image View
KoolImageView provides perfect solution for image detail view in your online store or images collection. KoolImageView is equipped with many nice templates and effects. And it is Totally FREE!
Key features:
  • Semantic design with minimal html generation
  • Many templates to choose, all can be customized
  • Equipped with two effects: Zooming and Fading
  • Have Dimmed Background option
  • The most simple and easy-to-use control
  • Step by step guides

        //Step 1: Register KoolImageView component to your page
        require "koolimageview/koolimageview.php";
        //Step 2: Create imageview object.
        $kiv = new KoolImageView("kiv");
        //Step 3: Set small image url and big image url for ImageView.
        $kiv->imageUrl = "images/small_image.jpg";
        $kiv->bigImageUrl = "images/big_image.jpg";
        //Step 4: Set properties for imageview
        $kiv->styleFolder = "koolimageview/styles/simple";
        $kiv->effect = "zooming";
        $kiv->backgroundOpacity = 40;
            <!-- Step 5: Render koolimageview -->
            <?php echo $kiv->Render();?>