KoolAutoComplete - Great PHP Ajax AutoComplete
KoolAutoComplete is excellent Ajax Auto Complete for PHP. Flexible rendering, elegant behavior together with Ajax Load On-Demand have made KoolAutoComplete the great choice to replace limited auto-complete provided by browsers.
Key Features :
  • Semantic design with minimal HTML rendering
  • Ajax Load On-Demand
  • Support both JSON and XML data type
  • Customize item element with powerful templates
  • CSS styles can be fully customized
  • Step by step guides

        //Step 1: Register KoolAutoComplete component to your page
        require "koolautocomplete/koolautocomplete.php";
        //Step 2: Create koolautocomplete object.
        $kac = new KoolAutoComplete("kac");
        //Step 3: Set properties for koolautocomplete
        $kac->styleFolder = "koolautocomplete/styles/default";
        $kac->itemTemplate = "<img src='{image}'/>{text}";
        //Step 4: Add items for autocomplete: addItem($text,[$data])
            <!-- Step 5: Render koolautocomplete -->
            <?php echo $kac->Render();?>