KoolSlideMenu - Excellent PHP Slide Menu Control
KoolSlideMenu is very Easy-to-Use PHP Slide Menu. Based on Semantic rendering, Advanced CSS together with natural Sliding effect, KoolSlideMenu is Super Fast in rendering, Highly Appearance-Customizable and Elegant Behaviors, all making it stand out to be Excellent Choice for your Site Navigation.
Key Features:
  • Semantic Rendering for minimal HTML
  • Search-Engine Friendly
  • Simple PHP interface
  • Rich client-side API to control
  • Full-set of client-side event handles
  • Support multiple level of parent and child.
  • Highly customizable CSS styles and template.
  • Support building menu with XML.
  • Step by step guides

        //Step 1: Register KoolSlideMenu component to your page
        require "koolslidemenu/koolslidemenu.php";
        //Step 2: Create slidemenu object.
        $ksm = new KoolSlideMenu("ksm");
        //Step 3: Set properties for slidemenu
        $ksm->styleFolder = "koolslidemenu/styles/default";
        //Step 4: Building SlideMenu
        $ksm->addParent("root","parent1","First Parent");
        $ksm->AddChild("parent1","child11","A child of first parent");
        $ksm->addParent("root","parent2","Second Parent");
        $ksm->AddChild("parent2","child21","A child of second parent");
            <!-- Step 5: Render slidemenu -->
            <?php echo $ksm->Render();?>