KoolTabs - Powerful PHP Tab Menu
Fast rendering, Flexible CSS Style and Search Engine Friendly make KoolTabs the great Tabstrip solution for your website navigation system.
Key features:
  • Rendering with minimal XHTML
  • Search Engine Friendly
  • Support multiple levels of tabstrip
  • Powerful server-side interface
  • Object creatable with XML
  • Excellent event-handle at client-side
  • Design is changeable with template technique
  • CSS style is easy to customize
  • Step by step guides

        //Step 1: Register KoolTabs component to your page
        require "kooltabs/kooltabs.php";
        //Step 2: Create kooltabs object.
        $kts = new KoolTabs("kts");
        //Step 3: Set properties for kooltabs
        $kts->styleFolder = "kooltabs/styles/default";
        //Step 4: Add tabs for KoolTabs: addTab($parentid,$id,$text,$link)
            <!-- Step 5: Render kooltabs -->
            <?php echo $kts->Render();?>