KoolSocialShare - Social Network Sharing Tool
KoolSocialShare is a great control to share your page on different social networks all at once with no hashes.
Key Features :
  • Style can be changed
  • Support both horizontal and vertical alignment.
  • Specially customized for Facebook,Twitter, LinkedIn sharing buttons.
  • Sharing buttons can be customized.
  • Code is straight-forward and easy to customize.
  • Step by step guides

    	//Step 1: Register KoolSocialShare component to your page
    	require "KoolControls/KoolSocialShare/koolsocialshare.php";
    	//Step 2: Create KoolSocialShare object.
    	$social_share = new KoolSocialShare("share");
    	//Step 3: Set properties for KoolSocialShare
    	$social_share->styleFolder  = "hay";
    	$social_share->UrlToShare = "http://demo.koolphp.net";
    	$social_share->TitleToShare = "KoolPHP";
            <form id="myform" method="post">
                <!-- Step 4: Render KoolSocialShare -->		
                <?php echo $social_share->Render();?>