KoolComboBox - Advanced PHP Combo Box
KoolComboBox extends the capability of combobox to the max.Easy-to-use, highly customized interface, advanced behavior options are the strongest points that make KoolComboBox better than any other industrial similar controls.

Step by step guides

    //Step 1: Register KoolComboBox component to your page
    require "koolcombobox/koolcombobox.php";
    //Step 2: Create koolcombobox object.
    $kcb = new KoolCombobox("kcb");
    //Step 3: Set properties for koolcombobox
    $kcb->styleFolder = "koolcombobox/styles/default";
    $kcb->itemTemplate = "<img src='{image}'/>{text}";
    //Step 4: Add items for combo box: addItem($text,$value[,$data])
        <!-- Step 5: Render koolcombobox -->
        <?php echo $kcb->Render();?>