KoolCalendar - Excellent PHP Calendar
KoolCalendar is excellent PHP Calendar control that is features-rich, easy to integrate to web sites and simple to customize. Combining DatePicker and TimePicker, KoolCalendar offers special features like Ajax Capability, Multi-view, Quick month selection, etc. Last but not least, its revolutionary rendering using CSS sprites skyrockets its loading time.
Key Features :
  • Semantic Rendering for Minimal HTML
  • Integrated DatePicker and Timepicker Controls
  • Localization
  • Multiple Selection Options
  • Multi-view Presentation
  • Horizontal and Vertical Orientation
  • Rich Client-side API
  • Cool Month-navigation effects
  • Easily customized appearance
  • Step by step guides

    	//Step 1: Register KoolCalendar component to your page
    	require "KoolControls/KoolCalendar/koolcalendar.php";
    	//Step 2: Create KoolCalendar object.
    	$cal = new KoolCalendar("cal");
    	$cal->scriptFolder = "KoolControls/KoolCalendar";//Set scriptFolder
    	//Step 3: Set properties for KoolCalendar
    	//Step 4: Init calendar before render
            <!-- Step 5: Render KoolCalendar -->
            <?php echo $cal->Render();?>