KoolTreeView - Great PHP Tree View Control


Apr 16, 2012: Version
- Fix client-side conflict with MooTools framework.
March 15, 2012: Version
- Add new client-side function addData()
December 04, 2011: Version
- Fix rendering issue in IE.
December 17, 2009: Version
- Enhance css style.
September 24, 2009: Version
- Enhance adding data function.
March 08, 2009: Version
- Registering CSS is improved.
- Improve the edit input: Enter key will not cause postback
February 09, 2009: Version
- Enhance styleFolder property.
December 15, 2008: Version
- Enhance styles and render to make KoolTreeView comply to XHTML1.0 strict.
- Modify the javascript rendering to improve rendering speed of KoolTreeView
December 10, 2008: Version
- Enhance the RenderTree() function.
November 17, 2008: Version
- New property added: scriptFolder for manually setting the path to script folder.
November 11, 2008: Version
- Improve the loading image in IE when doctype is used.
- Enhance TreeNode::loadSubNode() function
October 26, 2008: Version
- Enhance KoolTreeView working with KoolScripting.
- Enhance working of moveToBelow() function in IE
October 25, 2008: Version
- Enhance drag and drop action.
- Modify the wrong function name moveToBellow() to the correct one moveToBelow()
October 20, 2008: Version
- New TreeNode::addChildNode(): This will extend capability of creating node at client-side.
- New set of method for TreeNode to control select,drag,drop and edit options:
o TreeNode::disableSelect()
o TreeNode::disableDrag()
o TreeNode::disableDrop()
o TreeNode::disableEdits()
- Enhance the working of TreeNode::addData() function.
October 15, 2008: Version
- Make KoolTreeView work better inside UpdatePanel.
- Some minor improvement related to treeview rendering.
October 06, 2008: Version
- New feature: KoolTreeView now is able to keep its state persisted. View demo
- Some enhancements related to TreeView style.
October 01, 2008: Version
- Enhance the render of JS library's absolute path.
September 25, 2008: Version
- Enhance styles of KoolTreeView when working with IE Transitional Doctype.
- Make dynamic loading work better.
September 23, 2008: Version
- Make KoolTreeView work better with WAMP Server
September 21, 2008: Version
- Enhance KoolTreeView to work when short_open_tags settings of PHP is disabled.
September 08, 2008: Version
- Solve the issue of setting height and overflow properties.
- Enhance behavior of edit node.
August 15, 2008: Version
- TreeView style has been improved very much.
- New property showLines: TreeView is able to on/off showing lines connection between nodes.
- Enhanced the Drag and Drop behavior
August 10, 2008: Version
- Total new structure in rendering the tree which is smaller in size, faster in loading, more compatible with latest browser.
- Drag and Drop feature is available.
- Edit Node feature now is available.
- Enhance the sub tree loading.
June 19, 2008: Version
- Enhance KoolTreeView to work better in Linux environment.
June 10, 2008: Version
- KoolTreeView is first released.