KoolChart - Excellent PHP Chart


July 30, 2014: Version
- Bug fixes.
May 22, 2014: Version
- Add transformation options for chart's various element. Example
- Add padding, gap, ratio and other options for chart and series. Example
Feb 25, 2014: Version
- Add tooltip for each series of stacked column/bar chart. Example
- Auto adjust chart legends when there are many one. Example
- Remove limitation of at most 15 series per chart.
Feb 09, 2014: Version
- Implement Stacked option for column and bar charts. Example
- Fix various bugs for drawing charts and axes.
Dec 04, 2013: Version
- Fix setting font family, font size and color for chart labels.
- Adding properties FontStyle and FontWeight so that KoolChart can vary the style and weight of labels and tittle.
- Adding NumberFormat,DecimalNumber, DecimalSeparator and ThousandSeparator to format number.
Nov 20, 2013: Version
- Fix the axis rotation issue.
- Fix the lost display issue when there is single data in series.
- Other minor issues.
Nov 26, 2012: Version
- First version.